Refuge-Ministries Killeen Campus

We are a congregation of Christ followers who are eager to learn and apply the Word of God to our lives.
We know that we are not perfect but that we do serve a perfect God!
Come and learn with us how to rely on God in our lives and serve Him in a most pleasing manner, as this our goal.
We strive to achieve this in many ways. We are a growing ministry with conservative teachings and preaching that line up with Gods Word.
We are ethnically diverse and sensitive to your spiritual needs weather you consider yourself to be a new Christian or a mature one, there is a place for you.

Meeting times:
10:00am - Sunday Mornings  
Tuesday Male/Female Bible Study -  6pm - 730pm with themed meal.
Saturday Men's Bible study  - (2nd and 4th of each month) 6pm 
3601 Edgefield St
Killeen, Tx 76549